What are the Main Qualities of a Successful Team?

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Behind any successful organisation in Australia, you can usually find a strong team of individuals.  A positive group ethic is key to the effective management and direction of a company. Problemsmayoccur when employees don’t work well together, including workplace conflictandmissed deadlines.

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To maximise the performance of employees working together towards a common goal, here are some of the essential qualities shared by effective teams:


Communication between group members should be open but considerate. They will be able to freely share ideas, thoughts and opinions while respecting the different personalities and sensitivities of everyone involved.

This is critical for every step of getting a job done and tracking progress along the way. Ineffective communication can result in misunderstandings, conflict and incomplete or poorly completed tasks.

Goals and results

Effective teams agree and set goals according to the desired outcome and not the amount of work required. This leads to a clear plan to achieve these goals, both as a group and individually. The team then has explicit directions to follow collectively.


There is a clear delineation of tasks and responsibilities, and each participant contributes their share of the workload in an equal way. Team members have a full understanding of how their work fits into completing the task at hand and the overall company operation. There is a strong sense of being part of a team and contribution to the success of the organisation.


Members of the group will always be ready to help each other with a job, even in stressful times. They pull together and see the problem as something to share. Productivity within a team is increased when they feel supported by the business and given the resources that are required to get the job done.


Teams work because of the different skills and knowledge that each member brings to the table, providing a much broader ability than any one individual could offer. Members are then assigned roles and tasks depending on their particular skill base. Each worker is unique and brings a different talent, it takes a selection of personalities, genders, ages, cultures for exceptional creativity and ideas on the job.


It is usual to see in a capable team, a leader who members respect and trust. The leader binds the group together and encourages, motivates, updates, as well as sets the pace.


For any business to run smoothly, organisation is essential. Without effective organisation structures, the work environment can be chaotic and achieving key results will become harder. Each worker should be responsible for organising their workload, but the management has a responsibility to make sure that each team member effectively and efficiently completes their assigned work.


The modern work environment in Australia can be very fast-paced and stressful, but without a bit of fun and enjoyment, productivity can ultimately suffer. It is common for teams who work exceptionally well together also genuinely enjoy each others company. Getting together outside work can be fun. Good relationships between colleagues leads to a positive and relaxed workplace, conducive to success and achieving common goals.

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