Staff Onboarding and Inductions

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Staff Onboarding and Inductions - Preston HR

Staff Onboarding and Inductions

Having great staff is a business’s greatest asset and can be hard to come by so it’s important that their introduction into your business and into their role is positive and successful. Having an effective onboarding and induction procedure in place is crucial, and our experienced human resource consultants in Cairns can assist with creating and implanting one for your business.

Did you know that an effective onboarding experience boosts the retention and productivity of your new hires by up to 80%?

Often, many new employees have the experience of their onboarding as a first-day introduction, signing some forms and then get straight into their new roles in the workplace.

How engaged a new employee feels in their first few weeks and months in a new job, sets the tone for the lifecycle of their employment within the organisation.

Onboarding does not have to just be a myriad of paperwork, fire walks and showing them their desk, it is a perfect opportunity to embed them into your business, showcase the amazing work that you do and set them up for success in their role, so that when they do hit the ground running, they will be sprinting!

Preston HR are here to help with the process. Our expert human resource professionals  in Cairns will work with you and your business to first understand your needs and what onboarding is needed. Your dedicated HR consultant will then design an onboarding and induction program that will enable your new employees to be productive, shine and thrive.


How can we help:

  • Work with you to design an onboarding program that focusses on the first day, week, and 3 months of your new employees to set them up for success.
  • Build an induction platform that includes all the compliance documentation that you need.
  • Design an induction/onboarding presentation that can be showcased providing a summary about your business and critical details of their new role.
  • Setting up Employee Profiles, so that they can be correctly set up in your system.
  • Creation of an Employee Handbook that is not only informative, but visually engaging to provide all of the important information needed

Preston HR offers bespoke, cost-effective packages that can be customised to your needs. To find out more, book an obligation-free consultation with one of our experienced HR consultants today.