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Social Media 

The integration of social media into most businesses marketing strategies has helped build brands and revolutionised the way they connect with consumers.  

But businesses must understand how to manage employees use of sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in the workplace. If used improperly, businesses can be held liable for any resulting damages.  

Organisations today need a social media policy that at once safeguards against potential legal problems, helps keep the brand’s reputation intact, and also encourages employee participation online.

How we can help 

Our HR consultants can advise on policies, risk management and rights relating to social media. 

We can also work with businesses to develop and implement appropriate policies and processes that:  

  • Encourage employees to use social media for the benefit of the business 
  • Safeguard the business from risks such as damage to reputation and leaked confidential information 
  • Outline how the organisation will engage in social media 
  • Propose strategies for handling any problems that may arise 
  • Specify who is responsible for managing the organisation’s social media engagement 
  • Outline the permitted use of social media by employees 
  • Ensure that the business’s privacy compliance practices extend to social media 

If you have a claim resulting from the use of social media and require legal advice, we can refer you to our partners at Preston Law who can assist.