Why Workforce Training Really Matters in Cairns Today

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It’s interesting to observe that many Cairns businesses don’t hesitate to invest in infrastructure, stock or equipment but when it comes to the most important asset of all, their people, owners sometimes need to be convinced of the benefits. Repeatedly we hear similar cries from busy business owners, ‘it’s too expensive,’ ‘it takes too much time,’ ‘it’s a luxury we can’t justify at the moment.’

At Preston HR we know that training is a vital part of employee management and the human resources function.

Training should be seen as an investment that can pay off massively in the following ways:

1. Competitive edge

In today’s fast-paced world of innovation and technology, Cairns businesses have to keep moving and evolving to not only keep up but to stay ahead of the game. To ensure that the staff is up to date with what’s happening in your industry, training is critical. Your business needs to be on top of new processes, legislation and technological improvements that will help you identify opportunities for the future.

2. Better Performance

The performance of your company can only benefit if your staff’s skills are developed and improved in areas such as management and Human Resources, communication, customer service, workplace safety. Naturally this ‘upskilling’ will lead to increased productivity and efficiencies, better and safer work practices and, ultimately a more satisfying customer experience.

You will see in your organisation, a greater consistency among employees in their approach to the business, and innovation will be encouraged by exposing staff to new concepts and ideas.

3. Happy People

Training provides an opportunity for personal development and allows each employee to feel worthy of this time and financial investment. They can develop new skills which give them an improved ability to contribute to their job and the organisation, they also are better equipped for new opportunities within the company.

Increased self-esteem and motivation lead to greater job satisfaction for employees. A happy workforce will be a more loyal workforce, and this means the costs of staff turn over, and recruitment is reduced.

Most importantly, happy and fulfilled people create a happy and efficient work environment!

4. An Attractive place to work

These days in Cairns, it is expected by jobseekers that training will be included as part of any prospective package. We are seeing an increasingly educated generation coming into the workforce, one that thrives on opportunity,  learning, and engagement. If your organisation sets out a clear pathway for professional development, you are more likely to appeal to a high standard of employee.

It’s time to consider your company’s training requirements – what is needed most; who requires these skills; how can this be managed conveniently in day to day company life; what is your training budget and how should it be spent?

At Preston HR,  our customised human resources solutions work with both your business objectives and your operating environment to help you devise the best training plan.

Preston HR is Cairns owned and operated, and specialises in human resources and recruitment management. 

To find out more about how Preston HR can help your business with training evaluation, contact us today at our Cairns Office.